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Sunday, 7 October 2007

Reviews of Going Dutch in Beijing

'A delight to read, and full of funny, helpful and thought-provoking information. Airline staff should hand a copy out with each boarding pass they issue; that way we might all understand more about the places we travel to, and do a little less damage.'
John Simpson, BBC World Affairs Editor

'A funny and fascinating reminder that the British way is definitely not the only way ... this is essentially the Rough Guide to Not Getting Beaten Up Abroad.'
Danny Wallace, author of Yes Man

'The ultimate no-tears travel guide'
The Independent

'An invaluable look at global etiquette'

'Why deal with the declining dollar and the hassles of international air travel, when one can grab this book and zoom anywhere? Smartly organised and cleverly written, this little book is full of entertaining tidbits'
Elizabeth Taylor, Chicago Tribune

'What could be better than this clever little global guide to doing the right thing, from first greeting to last rites'
Belfast Telegraph

'Essential for any traveller'
Good Book Guide

'Universal in its subject matter and readership; well researched and humorously depicted'
Geographical Magazine

'Makes travelling a piece of cake'
Mark Ellingham, founder of Rough Guides